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Death and Dismemberment On the Border

A serial psychopathic corporate killer on the loose…



A comprehensive computer program to elicit, store & update patients' medical information

This article is a statement of a sad Medicare fact – a bureaucratic oversight that has lost a billion dollars of taxpayer money and may well have caused much disability and death. Incidentally, this same article also ‘advertises,’ or better, reports on a soon to be available and inexpensive remedy…

Subjective Objectivity In Medicine

(countering the trend to cold detachment)

If we are to heal sick and hurting people we must learn all over again how to combine a warm subjectivity with our cool objectivity. This was the core of a seminar series given some time ago for new medical students at the University of Buffalo NY and at McMaster University in Canada.

Some Aspects of Health Care Delivery

(clarifying various either-or issues)

American readers: Many of us here in Canada think that your leader, President Obama, is clear-eyed and wise and is trying to guide you to a crucial choice. Please heed him. Good luck and good health. This article looks at, and tries to clarify, centralization and decentralization, rural + regional + medical school delivery spectra, free enterprise versus socialism, & other currently controversial and ever-relevant health care topics. Caution: this is ‘merely’ one old Canadian doctor’s perspective on some internal aspects of universal medicare. Nevertheless please think on it.

On Taking A Pulse

Analog watches work, digitals don't.

A new discovery and proposition: Taking a pulse with a digital watch results in a fleeting situational form of Gerstmann-type dyscalculia. This phenomenon is virtually universal without exception! Its recognition may advance the study of developmental &/or pathological Gerstmann Syndrome…

Lust Love Hate Shame Disgust Rage Jealousy Loyalty Patriotism ad infinitum…

(integrating complex, designed, higher feelings with raw, evolutionary emotion)

Seven ‘simple’ basic emotions are inherited, evolutionary. They consist of alerting, appetite cravings, pleasure/pain, fear-anger, and disgust. These are the core human emotions. But their derivatives, the ‘complex’ higher feelings of love, hate, shame, jealousy, loyalty, patriotism, hope and many, many more without an end in sight, are historically determined, ‘designed’ if you will.

Each of these higher feelings is a thought-emotion combination. That is, a word-idea combined with a basic, core emotion, often layer upon layer as in an onion skin. This is significant. The concept at last admits cognitive science into the field of emotional studies. Now I’ll explain that mouthful!

Did You Ever Think

I wanna cry

The Niagara Health System is the worst example of lay-managers ruining Canada’s once highly acclaimed Medicare.

The Spectrum of Human Feelings

A biological-psychological-social & historical survey of emotion

Spock asks, “What is the purpose of (human) emotion?” This provocative question is addressed by surveying seemingly diverse aspects of evolution, physiology, neuroanatomy, social information theory and pragmatic communication. Simple and complex emotions are explained, differentiated and integrated. The article’s centerpiece is a visual model of the psychological spectrum of core feelings. In the end ‘teleology’ gives way to basic functionality. I hope and trust that Startrek’s cerebral Mr. Spock, who regularly provoked Bones, the ship’s doctor, and Captain Kirk with questions about the use of emotion, would be satisfied if not overtly ‘pleased’ with this article.


Including marriage, barroom brawls, the Cold War & the Arab-Israeli Impasse

Good diagrams not only clarify complex concepts but also form a bridge from raw verbal expression to clear scientific-mathematical understanding. In this article the principle is demonstrated for the often verbose and notoriously fuzzy field of human relationships.