Did You Ever Think

I wanna cry



The Niagara Health System is the worst example of lay-managers ruining Canada’s once highly acclaimed Medicare.

Did you ever think of how many layers of paper-pushers there are looking over the shoulders of every single front line nurse and doctor in Niagara? You should! Please do. While you’re at it (and before I’ll tell you) lets, starting at the top, look at health care money. Now I’m no economist, I’m just an ordinary doctor who learned on his own how to balance the income and expenses in one medical office. Perhaps you’d be interested in that aspect of things too. Well, no thanks, my accountant couldn’t figure that out.

Health Care money: First, our Canadian Medicare is not free. When boasting to Americans about how great our system is, we all use that word, ‘free,’ too much. It ain’t free. It comes from your pocket. You pay for every time you see your doctor (or go to the hospital emergency) through your tax-dollar nose. Your income tax money (and more) goes to the Federal Government which totes it all up and spreads it around, more or less fairly, to the provinces. Then the sharks hit the fan.

We all by now know how very wisely it is spent in Ontario. Just remember the recent eHealth scandal? Anyway, to put it kindly, your health care dollars are dissipated, much like a drunk gets dissipated. The amount that trickles down to the nurses and doctors on the medical front line is a pittance. I don’t know the percent but a ‘pittance’ is good enough for me.

The Ontario government starts by paying all those faceless bureaucrats and ‘consultants’ in the Ministry of Health. When they run low, they suck up to the really big money, the P3 Private Partners. But that’s another story altogether.

The Ministry then pays that new-fangled, top-down (upside down?) secret organization called LHINS. That is a fine new acronym, isn’t it? Gobbledygook in return for clarity. No? Yes – repeat – NO!

LHIN then pays BIG money for wise non-medical guys like our local yokel, Russ Whatchamacallit (at least I got the initials right), to lead real nurses and doctors in treating not-patients-but-clients in CHCs (whatever they are). But I lose myself in this maze. Amazing, isn’t it?

Back to better things … then, somehow (I don’t know how) that bunch of $100,000.00 plus a year, lay managers at NHS gets paid or pays itself. Of course that outfit, now known as “NHS = DOA,” cannot save a dollar let alone a life. Enough said about them. They’re sure to go. At least I hope. We all should hope. For what an incompetent, heartless ragbag bunch of corporate scamps they are!

Health Care care. Why, surprise, there’s getting to be almost no health-care care! Just health-care costs. Health-care woes. Nurses galore, under various pretexts, are being laid off. ERs shut down. Really, come to think of it, it’s like downsizing in the business world. Downsizing on the medical front line. Why soon those trusty bozos up at NHS will be outsourcing – outsourcing you – to Mexico or China for a cut-rate doctor. Boy, am I glad I’m retired!

Well, I’ve vented MY medical spleen. Will you? Oh yes, did you figure out how many layers of paper-pushers suck up your tax dollars before the dregs get to that lovely overworked nurse or your kindly old GP? It’s all up there. But here it is again: 1) Ministry of Health, 2) LHIN & CHC, 3) NHS. Yup, 1-2-3.

Wait! Did I leave one out? Let me think … I’ve got it: OHIP – just forgot all about them-ones. And, oh yeah, who pays for them federal bureaucrats that oversee (or overlook) the whole shebang? Oh woe, 1-2-3-4-5.

Like an army with five inactive officers for every active soldier.

Think on that! It’s too much for me – I wanna cry.