A Short Platonic Diatribe

from an online poetry contest


Unthought conceits in youth instilled

raise aspirations vain but hot,

Expand an ego that was willed

to fill a tiny mundane lot.


A few responses:

For me, “A Short Platonic Diatribe” struck a melodious, insightful, resonant chord and a powerful punch; the masterful combination caused me to pause and peek inward…reflect and evaluate. I won’t tell you what I ‘saw’…it wasn’t flattering.

…enjoy and value all of the entries, however, if only one can get my vote, it has to be: “A Short Platonic Diatribe.” It makes a powerful, profound, and pretty statement in a tiny package. Well done!

I look forward to enjoying your body of writing, as soon as I have the time. Please keep pondering and penning, and thanks much for your kind words

It’s never too late to take heed…

My little poem addresses futility without ability. But ‘success’ so-constrained needs persistent application in a wise way (a possible second verse?). And a third verse would conclude that “happiness entails helping others.” /wfh

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