You may just ask…

What's the reason for all these articles?


When I retired from medical practice and teaching some 15 years ago, I still had a lot of research data and general ideas left over or ongoing. Some is now published elsewhere. Almost all of the remainder is laying fallow on this blog. So, do take a look, enjoy, criticize! …

Of note, the esteemed journalist Doug Draper posted a number of my general interest pieces on Niagara at Large, his unique online news. Have a look …

Some professional stuff was polished up and published in traditional paper medical journals. A crucial, long overlooked, study on Mothers Who Murder Their Children was published in the American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry in 2004. In 2007, AJFP published my research on the effects of communication gone badly awry – What Marital Disputes and Barroom Brawls Have in Common. In the same year, CMAJ, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published A do-it-yourself stereophonic stethoscope. It’s now online.

What remains you can see on this bare-bones wilfhog blog. It is a random collection of unpolished and otherwise unpublished thoughts and ideas. Some of them once were on the now defunct Google knoll. Hope you enjoy them. If you use a new idea please cite me. You’ll note that most of the articles don’t have the diagrams that should go with them, but this shortcoming is slowly being remedied.

Again, I ask you, please post your comments or email me at


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