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A Short Platonic Diatribe

from an online poetry contest

Unthought conceits in youth instilled raise aspirations vain but hot, Expand an ego that was willed to fill a tiny mundane lot. /wfh A few responses: For me, “A Short Platonic Diatribe” struck a melodious, insightful, resonant chord and a powerful punch; the masterful combination caused me to pause and peek inward…reflect and evaluate. I […]

You may just ask…

What's the reason for all these articles?

When I retired from medical practice and teaching some 15 years ago, I still had a lot of research data and general ideas left over or ongoing. Some is now published elsewhere. Almost all of the remainder is laying fallow on this blog. So, do take a look, enjoy, criticize! … Of note, the esteemed […]


(Social Information Communication or SIC vs DNA?!)

i Not only our pleasure, our joy and our laughter but our sorrow, pain, grief and tears arise from the brain, and brain alone. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that twenty-five centuries ago, in a day when feelings were imagined to arise from so-called ‘body humors’ – blood, bile and phlegm.1 He was giving […]


self-inducing ephemeral acalculia

<para>Taking a pulse with an analog watch is an everyday clinical task. But, taking a pulse with a digital watch is next to impossible! Why? An instantaneous, fleeting Gerstmann-like syndrome (confusion in calculating) is invariably induced in the mind of the clinician – nurse or doctor.</para> <para>The difference between the use of digital and analog […]

Socially Induced Hyperactivity (SIH) overview

A brief explanation of a newly found and recently reported clinical entity

“…are we really being confronted with a bona fide neurobehavioural epidemic or are we simply using the ADHD stamp to legitimize our failure as a society to properly parent and control the behaviour of our children?” This is a quotation from a CBC news article, The Attention-Deficit Excuse, by Robert Smol, February 26, 2009.

Socially Induced Anxiety (SIA) – a ‘new’ Source of Stress

The Split Field::Relayer System as a Factor in the Etiology of Anxiety (a study of 48 cases)

The broad goal here is to further the translation of psychopathology (or unitary psychology) into the language of social behaviour.i That is, to emphasize what actually goes on between people instead of what is thought to happen inside just one person’s head. More narrowly, one mechanism through which a particular interpersonal process is linked with a specific […]

Socially Induced Hyperactivity (SIH) in Children

(Introducing a Major New Etiologic Concept and Drug-free Treatment Approach)

There is an epidemic of ‘ADHD’ afoot. Legions of children line up daily at school for their ‘drug fix.’ But, are there instances of attention deficit, distractibility and hyperactive conduct that do not call for medication? I think so and show so. The incidence of neuro-ADHD to social-ADHD (SIH) is 1/25…


(a real communication tool to take home with you)

The reflection of feeling is the best way to get at, explore and discover, another’s hurt feelings and do some good at the same time. It is a specific therapy technique, pioneered at a branch of the Hospital For Sick Children (Thistletown-Warrendale) in Toronto, Canada. With its wide, sweeping, green and beautifully treed grounds, that […]